Debt Collection Brisbane

Consolidated Collections Australia (CCA) is a leading Australian debt collection agency. CCA has more than 35 years’ experience in the debt collection industry, with a successful record of debt recovery across all areas of Australian business and commercial debt. Our No Collection No Feeservice represents our business practices and ethical standards.

CCA services

CCA services cover the full range of debt recovery operations:

  • Debt recovery: We conduct the formal procedures of debt recovery and litigation for clients.
  • Field Calls: Debt collection, skip trace related and/or pre-litigation field calls are carried out by licensed and highly experienced field officers.
  • Advanced Skip Trace: We trace missing persons for debt recovery purposes using a very wide range of data sources in combination with professional expertise.
  • Credit consultancy: Credit reports for assessment of creditworthiness of potential clients.
  • Credit reporting: We collect and formalise high value information related to the credit history of current customers or potential customers. This information includes legal history, asset ownership and always accurate facts. The CCA credit report contains a risk evaluation score and our recommendation.
  • Debtor information searches and checks: We carry out company/business name/director searches and additional information checks on debtors for related background information, including critical hard data like addresses and company history.

CCA client services

We provide a full range of services to assist clients in managing their accounts receivable processes (which often includes particularly challenging cases).

  • We offer a complete range of resources covering the entire debt recovery process.
  • We make sure that all debt recovery processes are statutory and industry compliant, and ensure proper documentation and licensing at all.
  • We provide clients with professional guidance and expert advice regarding specific issues and problems.

Contact us

To find out more about CCA services, contact us by phone on 1300 222 001 or use our online form and a CCA consultant will contact you ASAP.