At Consolidated Collections Australia (CCA), we use a proven formula to recover your debt, and your personal case manager will oversee all three stages of the process. The initial demand stage will involve carefully targeted letters and phone calls, and a skip trace if the debtor cannot be located.

In the event that the debt is not recovered at the initial stage, your Case Manager will liaise with you in regard to the next stage of the collection process. At this stage, your Case Manager would work together with CCA’s on-site lawyers, Geoffrey Mendelson Lawyers to pursue the debt further.

If the court proceedings result in a favourable finding on your behalf, we will then conclude the enforcement stage of recovering your debt from the debtor.

The CCA difference

Consolidated Collections Australia is able to offer a No Collection No Fee service because we are highly successful at what we do. With a team of skilled collectors and locators, as well as access to state-of-the-art computer-based recovery programs, we succeed where others fail. And because we’re a division of Probe Group Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s most prominent debt recovery specialists, you can be confident that everything we do on your behalf is ‘best in class’ and in strict accordance with government legislation and regulatory requirements.

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Too many businesses today are losing money on debts that they are unsure how to successfully collect. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you recover the money that you are owed for services/products that you have provided. Before you write off debts that you think are too hard to collect, submit them to CCA and give us a chance to convert those debts into cash flow for your business.

With our policy of No Collection No Fee, there’s nothing to pay until we collect, so what have you got to lose? Contact us online through our website’s submission form, or call us now on 1300 222 001 and start the recovery process today.