Once you submit debt to CCA, you will be allocated your own personal CCA Case Manager who will oversee the collection of your debt through the various stages of the CCA Recovery Process.


In the event that the debt is not recovered by CCA at Stage 1, your Case Manager will liaise with you in regard to the next stage of the collection process.

At this stage, your Case Manager would work together with CCA’s on-site lawyers, Geoffrey Mendelson Lawyers to pursue the debt further.

CCA’s on-site legal team will carefully assess your individual case in order to seek further instructions from you and suggest an appropriate course of action.

After obtaining instructions to proceed by you, proceedings will then be initiated through the issuing of the necessary Court documents, which will be served on the debtor by our own in-house Field Services Division.

  • Where the debtor has failed to provide a notice of defence and / or counterclaim: to our legal department within the required time period (jurisdiction specific) from the date of service, instructions will be sought to obtain default judgment.
  • If the debtor lodges a defence and / or counterclaim, then Geoffrey Mendelson Lawyers will need to discuss the matter further with you. They will review the merits of the claim and advise what further action they believe is required.

All legal costs associated legal services performed by Geoffrey Mendelson Lawyers including drafting of Court documents, lodgment, service and obtaining and enforcing judgment will be in accordance with the Court Scale at that time. The benefits of this are:

  1. It is in the best interest of our lawyers to resolve the matter in the most efficient and productive manner; and
  2. Your legal costs are more likely to be rewarded and recoverable in the event that you receive judgment in your favour.

Remember!! CCA share your risk. Unless the original debt is recovered, no commission is payable to CCA. It is therefore in our best interest to ensure your debt is recovered successfully through the utilising of our experienced and highly qualified on site law firm.